Code of conduct


To support the overall objectives of BYFC by positively promoting:

  • Competitive and non-competitive, football activities.
  • The development of youth with emphasis on the teaching of skills.
  • The teaching of teamwork and the enhancement of an overall attitude of good sportsmanship.

This Code of Conduct is established to accomplish these purposes.


The objectives can best be achieved through the concentrated effort of all individuals who participate in the activities of BYFC. The benefit to the youth will depend to a large degree on the attitude created by the club, coaches, players, spectators & referees.

The following is a list of examples of unacceptable behaviour. Participants may be subject to discipline under this policy if they:

  • Intentionally injure or attempt to injure another participant.
  • Verbally or physically abuse another participant.
  • Endanger or threaten another participant.
  • Refuse to comply with the request of a club official, coach or referee.
  • Refuse to comply with the policies and rules of BYFC.
  • Behaviour in conflict with the clubs diversity and equity policy.
  • Failure to demonstrate respect for fellow players, opposing players, match officials and the good name of the club and the game of football.

Therefore, each participant (coach, parent, referee, spectators and players) hereby agrees to assume the following responsibilities as a condition of participating in BYFC activities.

  • All participants assume a general responsibility that all of their actions will be consistent with the goals and objectives (listed below) of the BYFC. Fair play and good sportsmanship is required of all participants.
  • Coaches and referees will be responsible for the fair enforcement of all applicable Football rules, including but not limited to those involving the use of eligible players, minimum-playing requirements and sportsmanlike conduct.
  • Coaches, referees, committee members and spectators should serve as appropriate role models for our children.
  • In addition to the personal responsibilities of all spectators under this code to act in a mature and sportsmanlike manner, all sections will be responsible to control spectators and enforce these rules as they apply to spectators for their respective teams.
  • Actions of violation of these standards should be reported immediately to your team coach or to any committee member.


  • Violations of this code may subject participants to disciplinary action including written Warning, suspension from BYFC activities, or of expulsion depending on the severity of the violation.
  • All violations of this code shall be immediately reported to the appropriate Team Coach and or the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the club, who may ask for written Reports of the incident from those having knowledge of the occurrence.
  • The Chairman or Vice Chairman will investigate the matter fully and report to the Committee.
  • The Committee will consider appropriate disciplinary action as soon as practicable, after receiving the investigation report.
  • The Committee will provide written conclusions to the individual who is facing discipline and where appropriate offer the individual opportunity to present their position to the Committee.
  • This notice will advise the individual of the nature of the misconduct and the possible or recommended penalties. If the individual facing discipline is a child, notice will go to the parent / guardian.
  • BYFC is bound by the rules of the KCFA.

We expect the highest standards of behaviour from people representing BYFC. The Code Of Conduct clearly outlines what we expect from every player, parent and club official.

All parties are asked to sign up to the Code Of Conduct.

D) Practical rules

Please also note the following:

  • Players and supporters will not argue with, or give abuse to the Referee, officials or others present. Any disagreement will be dealt with by the Team Manager in a proper manner. Any supporter not complying with this rule will be asked to leave.
  • Players will not argue with team-mates during matches.
  • All players are expected to behave in accordance with the spirit of the game and in a sporting manner.
  • Player's kit is the property of the Club and is only to be worn during matches for the club.
  • Each player is responsible for the maintenance and the cleanliness of the kit provided.
  • Shin pads will be worn, socks pulled up and shirts tucked in by all players during matches (FA ruling). No jewelry is to be worn.
  • No cycling is allowed at Barming School or South St. pitches at any time.
  • All players will abide by South St's conditions of use.
  • No dogs are allowed at Barming School.
  • Players should give notice of unavailability at least 8 days prior to matches, or if sick, as soon as practically possible.
  • Match fees will be paid on match days or in advance.
  • Breaches of the above mentioned rules could result in the matter being considered by the Club's Disciplinary Committee.