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Availability in each team (updated 20 July 2022):

Buds (Year R and Year 1)Recruiting
Under 7 Youth
Under 7 Blues
Under 8 YouthRecruiting (training only)
Under 8 BluesTeam full
Under 8 ColtsTeam full
Under 9 YouthTeam full
Under 9 BluesRecruiting experienced players
Under 9 ColtsRecruiting
Under 10 YouthTeam full
Under 10 ColtsTeam full
Under 11 YouthTeam full
Under 11 BluesTeam full
Under 12 YouthTeam full
Under 12 BluesTeam full
Under 12 ColtsRecruiting
Under 13 YouthRecruiting
Under 13 BluesRecruiting experienced players
Under 13 GirlsRecruiting experienced players
Under 14 GirlsRecruiting
Under 15 BluesRecruiting
Under 15 ColtsRecruiting
Under 16 BluesTeam full
Under 18 ColtsRecruiting striker
Mens YouthTeam full
Mens BluesTeam full
Wildcats (girls 5 to 11 years)Recruiting (training)

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